Amelia Island Roofing can take care of all residential roof types and commercial roof types to meet your needs. With our team of professional roofers, you can expect a job well done every time. If you are in need of a trustworthy company to take care of all roof types, we are your number one choice.

Residential Roof Types

Our team can work on any residential roof types. We are experts in this industry and are able to provide you the expertise you need.

shingle roof repair

Shingle Roofs

Shingle roofs are made from asphalt and are a traditional roofing material. These come in two main types, architectural and 3Tab. The architectural shingles give an added dimension to the look of your roof, while the 3Tab are more traditional.

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metal roof repair

Metal Roofs

Many homeowners go with metal roofs on account of the energy efficiency of the design. The way metal roofs are made; it allows the heat to circulate underneath the material and keeps it from being absorbed into the home.

Another advantage to this design is the long lasting properties. Metal can stand up to storms and high winds with less damage.

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tile roof repair

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are very sturdy and able to withstand extreme weather circumstances. As long as the tiles were installed properly, it is possible the roof can outlast the building it is protecting. Many homeowners go with this roof type for the sturdiness.

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flat roof repair

Torch Roofs

For homeowners that have torch roofs, they need a professional to lay the materials.

Torch roofs are used for homes with a flat roof. The roofer will use a blowtorch to heat up the materials that are used to protect the building. It is important that you use someone that knows how to handle the tools properly to keep from damaging your home.

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Commercial Roof Types

Commercial roof types are the same as residential roof types. You can either have tile, metal, shingle, or torch roof. One of the differences between commercial and residential is that commercial buildings can be much taller.

Regardless of the commercial roof type that your building has, our team of professionals are able to handle the repairs and installations. We will come out and inspect your building. Once we have determined the damage and the necessary repairs, we will give you an estimate of the work required.

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You can expect our roofers to give you the best care when it comes to installations and repairs. We aim to provide you with the professionalism that you need. When our team comes out, they will present themselves in a reputable manner.

Whether you have need of residential or commercial repairs, our team will give you the best possible service. We will clean up all of the work before we leave the job site. Our crews will arrive at a time that is best for your needs and clean up at the end of each day.

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