tile roof repairAmelia Island Roofing is capable of taking care of your tile roof repair or full tile roof replacement. Whether your home or business in need of repair or an installation, our team of professional roofers are capable of handling the job.

Professional Tile Roof Repair

If you own a home or business that has a tile roof, our team of professionals can make any needed repairs. If you are experiencing a tile roof leak, we will send a roofer to your home to evaluate the damage. Once they have identified the source of the leak, they will tell you what repairs are needed.

Tile Roof Replacement

Over time, all roofs will need to be replaced, because they wear out. If you are in need of a full tile roof replacement, our licensed company can assist you with that.
We will remove the old tiles, inspect the roof structure, and then install the new materials. All of the old materials will be completely removed from your property and disposed of.

Are Tile Roofs Expensive?

During the last several years, the cost of tile roofs has not significantly increased. The cost is comparable to that of asphalt shingles. If you have tile already and need a full tile roof replacement, you can stick with the same style within a reasonable amount of financial investment.

How Long Will it Last?

Of all of the materials that you can cover the top of your building with, tile is one of the longest lasting. In fact, it could potentially outlive the building that it covers if it was installed correctly. Tile is very sturdy and can withstand many different weather conditions.

What Colors Are Available?

When you think of the colors of a tile roof, you might envision the reddish orange tiles you have seen. This is not the only color that this material is made in. There are a variety of earthy color choices that you can have installed.

Is the Color Subject to Fading?

While the tile itself can hold up for many years, the pigment may fade over the course of time. Most manufacturers guarantee that the color will not fade for at least 50 years. Fading depends on materials chosen as well as the process by which the tiles were dyed.

Tile Roofs Provide Good Insulation

A tile roof can insulate your building in an efficient way. With the decking, roof tiles, and air space helping circulation take place. Due to the increased circulation, the direct heat transferred to your home is reduced. A tile roof can keep your power bills lower in the summer, because your building will not get as hot.

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If you are experiencing tile roof leak, call Amelia Island Roofing today. We are able to get our professional team out to give you a free estimate. Our roofers can give you the solutions to your problems.